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Butch, Pregnant & Pissed (on myself)!

In a her newest one-woman show, Christy Rodriguez de Conte, invites the audience to witness pregnancy through the experiences of a butch woman. Butch, Pregnant & Pissed (on myself)!  uses projection, puppetry and parody to travel through Rodriguez de Conte’s comedic recollection of her own child’s birth in 2018. Rodriguez de Conte rides in the wake of queer solo performance artists who have come before to investigate gender expectations, the aggression barreled at butches, and the moments of pregnancy that gloriously complicated her own predisposition of what it means to be a butch woman. 

The Mystery of the Violated Vagina



The Mystery of the Violated Vagina takes place in a uterus just after the host body has been raped. External detectives investigate the “incident,” not wanting to call it a rape, while the host body deals with the real threat of insemination. This original musical straddles the lines of melodrama, absurdism, vaudevillian variety shows and late twentieth century television while dealing with the grey area of consent and the physical and emotional damage done deep inside many. The Mystery of the Violated Vagina scaffolds theatrical tools such as puppetry, music and an overall queer camp aesthetic in a comedic fashion to highlight the most absurd fact of all, that rape in fact exists at all and that most of the cases are rarely prosecuted.

 This show takes a comedic look at gender identity vs. gender perception and the empowerment that can come from beign an other! 

 "Shero: Femme Fatale" delves into the feminist struggle through the eyes of Shero/Heart: male Detective by day and a female avenger by night. When Villinulva, a steroid filled villain whose love for the feminine has turned her to violence, and her feline side kick pussy the puppet terrorizes the women of the city, Shero is forced to reflect upon her own methods heroism. This Lesbian Superhero comedy flips the comic book narrative, providing strong female characters and an even stronger exploration of power and gender.



The Framily Tree

framily tree.jpg

Tyty's Toy Box is a TYA play that questions the gender divide in children's toys. This comedic play uses toys to look at the history of toys and ask the question why we expect girls to play with dolls and boys to play with trucks. 

The Framily Tree  is a TYA play geared at children 0-10 years old that celebrates the diversity of families by combining traditional theatrical tools and applied theatre tools to share stories, folklore, cultural traditions, and language. This interactive play takes place in the round where children sit under a large tree that “hold the stories of families. All kinds of families. Each different, each special. ” The Framily Tree brings characters from different backgrounds to sing and dance about their own cultural traditions and reminds us all that “Friends are also the family we choose. And I choose you to be my Framily!”


My Very Own Cuban-American Story of Origin

My Very Own Cuban-American Story of Origin  is a ten minute one woman show that explores what it means to be a hyphenated identity in today's society. This comedy is layered with pain and longing for a home one has never been to while still striving to build the home one has. My Very Own Cuban-American Story of Origin is a touching tale of a fight for freedom from the haunting of our past and the hopes of our future. 

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